Web & Mobile Design

One site, any device, the optimal experience for everyone

With one eye on today and the other on the future, we design sites that look amazing on today's modern browsers and devices, while staying true to current and upcoming web standards. Responsive design ensures that your site will look stunning today and for many years to come on all nature of computers, tablets and smartphones. Because of our strong belief in this philosophy, every website we create for our clients is designed and developed to be compatible on all of today's popular mobile devices, no extra charge & no strings.

Responsive Design

Responsive design is a web development technique that enables the appearance of a website to respond to the device it's being viewed on. As screen sizes change, the website responds in a fluid manner, automatically adjusting layouts, images and progressively enhancing content so that it's displayed in a way that best fits the screen real estate. All of our websites are mobile compatible and have a mobile "look & feel" when viewed on tablets and smartphones.

Progressive Enhancement

The devices that users view your site on is important, and it says something about what they're looking for. Progressive enhancement is technique we leverage in order to optimize websites for different devices. This technique involves determining a hierarchy of value for your site's content. Once we've identified the core content of your site, we use progressive enhancement design techniques to trim out more extraneous content on smaller devices, thereby ensuring that the most vital content is available for mobile users, while tablet and desktop users are given slightly more content. Basically, as the screen size grows, more content becomes available. When it shrinks, we trim off non-vital content, leaving your users exposed to your site's core features and message.